Every bit …

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Every thing, i show;
every time, i laugh;
every sleep, i miss;
every time, i kiss;
every turn, i pass;
every time, i touch;
every ting, i ring;
every love, i bring;

every word, i say;
every line, i pray;
every game, i loss;
every pain, i feel;
every wish, i kill;

every sorry i lie, every fun i try;
it’s amazing, amazing, amazing,
to my unborn child’s burgeoning eye…


— Khaled Monsoor

@ Dhaka, Bangladesh

শিরোনামহীন – ০১

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তুমি সূর্য 
আমরা  ভালবাসার  ছায়া 
ভালবাসায় গড়া; কিন্তু মূল্যহীন কায়া …

You came closer, by going too far

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She was closest to me, but you know, too close.
So years of fume was adding inside us
That time, all I wanted to go far, far away;
and I took my flight, in a rush, in a bright sunny day.
It was then, we, half a planet away from sight
I came to believe in life, and that, I took a wrong fight.
Each mile, into me and her, acting as a thorn,
and killing my self, grew since I was born.

Now we are part in a far away, far,
Oh, my heart feels closer than ever,
Yer love, why, causing a gloomy tear,
Your silly naggings now music to ma ear
Yeah, mom. You & me are closer than ever,
just like my first six months, or the first two year …

@ 2009.02.11
@ Memphis, TN, USA